More a matter of style than a bug as such

As i just worked on the yacht task, i studied the description more intense. It occurred to me, that the same action is described with different wording, what may lead students astray, thinking that there is a difference, which they just didn’t get, being students …
My wording style request would be to use only one subset of possible words, at least inside one description, better inside a complete task description, for one action, even if it grinds against habits ingrained from primary school times ( “don’t repeat yourself” ).

Can you point out the particular wording and perhaps do you have a suggestion on how to resolve the issue?

As it is more a style issue, in this case in the yacht task in 8th track, there is no solution per se. In the description the words ‘Total’ and ‘Sum’ are used, both describing the same operation, which might lead readers to think there are different operations involved. A suggestion in a style guide should do fine, as the issue is clarity of expression, nothing technical.