Multiple test runners not working

Trying to submit exercises for golang, prolog, gleam (maybe others) are all giving a generic error

An error occurred while running your tests. This might mean that there was an issue in our infrastructure, or it might mean that you have something in your code that’s causing our systems to break.
Please check your code, and if nothing seems to be wrong, try running the tests again

Do you get these errors very quickly, or only after quite a few seconds?

Add Java to that. Just started this afternoon after being successful this morning. Happens after a few seconds.

The same thing is happening on the Clojure track. I tried running previously completed exercises as well, and received the same error.

When I click run tests, it loads the bar for up to 5 seconds then shows the error. it is not immediate but pretty quickly

Do you have an estimate of the hour at which this started?

It started happening for me on the Clojure track between 2:30 and 3:00 pm EST.

Would that be Eastern Standard Time or European Summer Time?

All test runners (or most of them) is offline, I am pretty sure it started for around 15-30 minutes ago

Eastern Standard.

Correction, I’m sorry. That should have been Eastern Daylight Time, not standard. I’m horrible with time zones.

Was good at around 3:45 PM GMT time. Was not good by around 6:30 PM GMT.

Do you have special access?

I wondered whether perhaps the Haskell test runner update / resolver upgrade might be a cause. The last of these was merged 15:45 GMT.

No but going through 10 tracks and all of the test runners failing, so should the chance that the rest will also fail be quite high.

Same problem for Python & C.

The same problem affects c# track.

I think it’s broken for all test runners. I can get it to work occasionally but get this error most of the time.

I’ll use the CLI for now but they still count as failing.

Things should come back online over the next 20mins. Sorry for the pain. You can track the conversation in more depth in #social on our Discord:

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Same here for Rust.

Javascript as well.

It was this, yes.

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