My Exercism Journey

I joined Exercism and started the go-track six months ago yesterday after seeing Bill Kennedy’s announcement of the Go-hort. I completed my first exercise and obtained the Rookie badge on that day. I didn’t make it into the first Go-hort, but I was able to join the second when it started in August. My goal was to complete all 137 exercises during the month-long session, but that pace was unsustainable while still learning from each exercise. Yesterday, after taking a few breaks, I finally completed all the exercises and obtained the Completer badge. I will likely go back and improve my solutions with all I have learned along the journey.

I am very grateful to the Exercism team, the Go-Track maintainers, mentors, and those who have contributed time and money to make this site what it is today.

Today is a day of giving in some cultures, and I will provide a small gift to this wonderful organization. Please consider doing the same at some point if you have found the site helpful in your journey and a financial contribution is within your means.