My solution didn't show up in Community Solutions

Last week, I submitted my solution for Alphametics in the Racket track. Everything seemed to go as usual and the solution is marked “Published”, but when I go to Community Solutions, it is not there. Community Solutions says that there are two solutions, but only one is shown (not mine).

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Providing this link to make it easy to check/see what is there.

Well, it is published: alterpatzer's solution for Alphametics in Racket on Exercism.

No idea why it doesn’t show up in the list.

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Probably a job that pushes it to the search indexes failed. @erikschierboom - could you see if you can see anything obvious pls. Also do we have any sort of batch syncing job that runs as a fallback? (I imagine probably not as that sounds resource-expensive, but I can’t remember :))

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Likely an error when syncing. I’ve manually re-run the syncing and it now appears.

We don’t, for the exact reason you mention.