Name of language as name of track vs name of implementation of language

The Euphoria track (for those with sufficient privilege) currently it introduces itself as “OpenEuphoria”, however this is the name of an implementation rather than the name of the language.

Is it an ill-advised thing to change it to “Euphoria”? Changing the name makes more obvious the historical link to the original closed-source Euphoria. OpenEuphoria is the current and “open” implementation.

Another implementation is Phix, a fine and very capable fork of Euphoria done by one @petelomax .

If both implementations use the same language and syntax, I would name it after the language. The specific implementation shouldn’t (I think) matter that much to the students.

The awk track uses the GNU gawk implementation. There are some exercises that demonstrate gawk-specific extensions. But it’s still the awk language that is being practiced.

I agree with Isaac and Glenn. See also the Prolog track, which uses the swi implementation.

Let’s go with Euphoria.

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Cool! So how do I change it?

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You edit euphoria/config.json at main · exercism/euphoria · GitHub.

You’ll need @ErikSchierboom’s help to also update the slug in that file.

Okay PR raised.

Merged. Should be fine now.