New #12in23 Badge for completing all the things

Thanks @MatthijsBlom! Crowd-sourcing is a great idea. I’ll chime in with some thoughts too at some point, but only after others have suggested exercises.


I’ve done the recommended exercises currently available in the Clojure and C++ tracks and they taught me a lot. So thanks for recommending these exercises that are teaching key concepts!

I’m reall looking forward to doing more of these during the year! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! While I’m having quite a blast with the recommended exercises and the challenge, I might have hit a bug in the evaluation for the year-long-badge exercises. I’ve done Robot Simulator in Elixir, with a total of 6 iterations. I’ve gotten the exercise on the 12in23 status page after the first one, but I was quite unhappy with my solution after looking at some other people’s code, so I’ve reworked it quite a bit and deleted iterations 1-5 afterwards. Now the exercise is not listed anymore on the status page. Has anyone else seen this? Is this inteded? If so, I’ll do it again in another language (looking at you F#) or so. :smiley:

On your exercise’s Overview page, click the gear icon beside “Your published solution” and select “Change published iterations”

Well, that was easy. Thanks for the hint mate. :+1:

@iHiD Since I got the Feb. and Mar. badge, shouldn’t I have 10/10 exercises? Only the March is counted with 5/10.

The Feb badge was for completing any 5 exercises.

The “big” badge requires specific exercises. The functional ones were

  • Languages: Clojure, Elixir, Erlang, F#, Haskell, OCaml, Scala, SML, Gleam
  • Exercises: Hamming, Collatz Conjecture, Robot Simulator, Yacht, Protein Translation

Those can be completed any time in 2023


Oh, sorry, my fault. Will try from those mentioned exercises. Thank you.

No valid exercises found

So sad. I guess I have more work to do.

@iHiD Already a chance to provide the specific April tasks for this?

Are it those mentioned on the site?

  • ETL: Reshape data into a different format
  • Largest Series Product: Look for patterns in a string of digits
  • Saddle Points: Work with multidimensional arrays
  • Sum Of Multiples: Practice filtering and summation of a sequence of numbers
  • Word Count: Convert a string into words and count them

Those are the correct ones April exercises.

Just noticed a minor typo with the total count for the year long exercises process, it’s not updated from 15 to 20. It has counted Acronyms for this month though.

It’s even better here. I have 16 of 15. :wink:

Hello, I’ve done Simple Linked List in Rust, but it does not count in the challenge counter.

Did you publish it?

I think it’s because Rust is listed for this month again. My 16th completion was Space Age in Rust.

My bad :-) Yes, this is exactly what I haven’t done

Are there any badges for completing 5 tasks in each featured Month?

I see in my Journey only one “Analytical April” badge, however I have published all the 20:

Published Exercises

(20 / 20 so far)

Missing March and February - I supposed, that this is because I finished the related exercises only in April. But today I finished May exercises, and no new badge appear.

Gamification not successful :)

Did you solved one of those May exercise before already? It would still count for the overall badge, but not for the May one.

yes, some May exercises I published earlier.
so, I need to solve them in other language to be calculated for the badge?