New #12in23 Badge for completing all the things

thanks! it works :) I re-solved three exercises in new language and got new rare badge

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Thanks for the motivation. It’s been fun so far.

I’m not sure how best to report this, but there’s a typo in the post. It’s LFE (Lisp Flavoured Erlang), not EFL.


Fixed. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to know what’s missing as far as getting one of the monthly badges? I did 6 exercises in Red in June for Mindshifting May but I haven’t seen that badge hit yet.

Thank you

Unfortunately you didn’t do them in May, so you’ve missed the May badge.

Ah, I misunderstood the “You can complete/publish them at any time during the year not just the featured month.” part. I guess that’s just for the overall 12 in 23 badge. Dang… I’m about to have the same issue in June now.

I made the same mistake that you did, so don’t feel too bad. There are still time to speedrun and publish 5 small exercises to complete june, you can focus on the featured exercises later.


I published 4 of the 5 featured exercises for Jurassic July using C today, but they don’t seem to be counted towards the 12in23 badge count.

There’s no problems with the Jurassic July badge itself, which I’ve already gotten.

Could it be a bug? I haven’t seen any lag between publishing featured exercises and seen their count updated in the 12in23 badge count.

Is this fixed now?

I was having this same problem as @FranciscoRF earlier, and now I’m not, so probably.


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Yes, everything works perfectly now. Thank you!

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Well, some time in the course of July, one of my long ago finished and published exercises in C++ , i.e. Simple Linked List which I did in Mechanical March, simply got lost. It’s not showing up in the 12in23 tracker any more, while all other exercises that I solved earlier in C++ still do. Can this be fixed some way? (I already tried out the gear button in the exercise page to republish, but this didn’t change the problem). Thanks for help!

I think the logic is now: either linked list or simple linked list, but not both.

Hmm, there is no Linked List exercise on the C++ track, only a Simple Linked List. And even if there were both, what should I infer from this ‘logic’?

@ErikSchierboom one for you I think.

I don’t know why your Simple Linked List solution has disappeared from the tracker. But the reason why only one of them should be counted is that Simple Linked List was an alternative option for those tracks that haven’t implemented Linked List. This logic previously wasn’t reflected in the tracker, leading to over-counting for people who had completed both exercises (see this thread).

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This is indeed why we changed the logic. For the badge, you need to have completed either:

  • Linked List, Secret Handshake, Sieve, Binary Search and Pangram, or
  • Simple Linked List, Secret Handshake, Sieve, Binary Search and Pangram

Ok, I see. Perhaps I did too many of the linked lists exercises on different tracks and got into the opposite problem of ‘undercounting’ ?
I unpublished the simple linked list exercise from the Rust track (the only language that was also part of Mechanical March, and I hope the doubly linked list exercise is not a problem), but sadly that didn’t change anything. Hmm, how can I get the count right again?

I’m sure now that the vanishing of my simple linked list c++ exercise from the 12in23 tracker was triggered by the change on 01/08/23 due to this problem.
I can clearly remember that before I started with the Typescipt exercises for Appy August I had 30/30 on the tracker.
I also read through the code that has changed in the relevant commit, but I’m not really familiar with Ruby (not to mention with the inner workings of Exercism), so I can’t really detect which line may have provoked the counting to go awry. Perhaps an additional test case corresponding to the relevant partial state of my published exercises would fail and one could track down the bug? Should I (or someone else) create an issue for this?

I’m coming into this late but, what’s the deal with January? The challenge seems to have properly started in February, does that mean it’s running on to include January next year, or have I just missed anything discussing January?