New #12in23 Badge for completing all the things

January counts for the year-long badge, but there was no monthly badge.

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I did

  • Simple Linked List, Secret Handshake, Sieve, Binary Search and Pangram
    in Go and now the simple linked list as disappeared

I only did one of the linked lists

Looking at the data, it looks like the reason is simple: you didn’t publish secret-handshake (at least that is what the data shows me)

Found the bug

PR submitted: Fix 12-in-23 logic by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #5868 · exercism/website · GitHub

This fixed the issue for me, but I think there’s still another possible loophole: if someone submitted a solution to linked-list before 2023, but in a language authorized for Mechanical March (Go, for example), then a submission of simple-linked-list in 2023 won’t count.

I’ve devised a fix for this. Because I know you do not accept PRs in the website repo, I’ve created a PR in my own fork to showcase it: Fix: ignore linked-list exercises published before 2023 by clechasseur · Pull Request #1 · clechasseur/exercism-website · GitHub

Since this is not a repo you allow outsiders in, feel free to just pilfer whatever you need and implement your own fix, of course. :wink:

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This fixed it for me. Thank you very much!

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@iHiD I saw in other posts that others have indeed created PRs in the website repo - in this case, would you like me to submit my PR in your repo for this fix? (I did not want to intrude :smile:)

@clechasseur Feel free :slight_smile: Thank you :blue_heart:

@iHiD PR submitted: Fix: ignore linked-list exercises published before 2023 by clechasseur · Pull Request #5942 · exercism/website (

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I’m not sure I get this.

I just completed matching brackets in C++, but it doesn’t appear in my list of completed exercises for this challenge so I’m assuming each exercise has to be solved in a specific language or it won’t count.

But on the other hand some people are saying you can solve the exercises in any language.

I’m confused.

The original post lists the language and exercise pairs. You can see that for Matching Brackets, you need to complete it in a lispy-language

@iHiD Please fix the typo, should be AWK, not AWS.

As there are 5 exercises per month it would be better to have icons of published exercises displayed in 5 columns instead of 6.

Even better would be some way (a bubble on hover?) to see the links to exercises in all tracks, but this is much more involved to implement.

It is month 11 of 12in23

It is the tenth month with actual badges.

The badge is tenth, as there was no badge for January. It is still eleventh month of 12in23 and was last updated for October

On the homepage it’s still:

Month 9 of 12in23


:+1: Updated that file too and checked that there are no other places. I didn’t find good place for a constant right away and have no insight if it will be needed after one more update, so keeping as two template text updates.

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