New exercise contributions

No we don’t have an estimate. Feel free to ping me if your pr got closed and you think it’s valid


Please consider re-opening the auto-closed draft pull request of a raku implementation of the Series exercise.

Thank you.


I had a quick look at the PR. You have your files in the wrong place. Compare some other practice exercise to see where the docs and config files go. Also, you’ll need to edit the track-level config.json to add the new exercise to the list. Get familiar with the “building a track” documentation.

As an exercise developer, you’ll need to use the configlet tool.

  • bin/fetch-configlet
  • bin/configlet sync --docs --metadata --tests -u
  • bin/configlet lint
  • bin/configlet fmt

Yikes — thanks @glennj ! The file locations were disturbed by drag and drop upload on GitHub — Sigh. So much for trying to speed things up.

I missed config.json again because there are two files of that same name that go into each exercise commit and having done the one lulled me into a false sense of security with the other.

Was there a forum discussion which this PR could be linked to? Per our policy, PRs should be discussed before being opened :slight_smile:

@IsaacG : Um, I think Erik was kind enough to okay the exercise contributions. :smile:

@m-dango : I have a few more raku exercises I’d like to contribute. Are you okay with that ? Happy to hold off too. :smile:

On behalf of you by request via IRC:

12:13:52 <habere-et-disper> KOTP !

12:13:52 <habere-et-disper> I can’t get on discord (they don’t like my email address) to ask raku track maintainer m-dango to respond yea or nay to more exercise implementations:

12:13:53 <habere-et-disper> New exercise contributions - #8 by habere-et-dispertire

12:13:53 <habere-et-disper> I know he’s busy but please see if you can get him to respond ?

12:13:54 <habere-et-disper> Thanks !

12:13:54 <habere-et-disper> =D

Edit: Sending this via Discord as well.

@habere-et-dispertire You are welcome to contribute as much as you’d like!

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