New exercise suggestions

I would really love to see some new exercises that cover some of the more advanced (and powerful) features of jq.

Specifically, I would love to see something that covers the recursive descent operator .., modules (which might be impossible for the current web-based editor), streaming, and some of the SQL-like operators.

For modules, I’ve found it very difficult to piece together good examples for a project I’m working on to write one. Eventually I landed on a good demo repo put out by someone from openapi, but I would love to see this mechanism really brought to light and exercism seems like a great platform for it. I have already seen a few community solutions that make use of modules, and I understand that the CLI is the only way to submit them today - I wonder if the web framework already has way to submit multiple files for other language tracks - maybe all the pieces already exist to make this not too hard to put together.

Exercism tracks are 100% volunteer built. The jq syllabus was written by @glennj . I suspect he’d be happy to have contributions to the concepts if you’re open to writing something!