New learning syllabuses

Least original suggestion of the month: learning tracks are a Good Thing and we should have more of them.

I know the hurdles holding this back! I did some work on the R syllabus earlier this year. We got the first 3 concepts merged (with wip status), but the track maintainer is currently too busy to review more. To repeat what I’ve said before: I’m totally supportive of that and have no complaints. There are 21 open PRs to review if/when anyone wants to reactivate this.

For future tracks, perhaps it would be useful to start with newer languages that could benefit from the attention? Examples might include Ballerina, V, Zig, etc. Personally, I favor Wren:

  • it’s small, by design
  • it’s relatively simple (though there is more to it than I first realized)
  • it appears to be designed by thoughtful, sensible people with clear design goals
  • the documentation is a bit limited, so new users may welcome another introduction

On that last point, the official documentation is mostly pretty good, but has gaps. I found almost no third-party documentation: even Learn X in Y Minutes and, otherwise pretty comprehensive, don’t mention Wren.

To make this more concrete, I started doodling out a very preliminary flowchart for how it might take shape. This is currently on my repo, but if there is any interest I will move it to an Issue on exercism/wren. And if anyone thinks this looks suspiciously like the Ruby syllabus, who am I to argue?

To get a feel for this, I drafted a basics concept and lasagna exercise. Is there enough interest to PR these? I don’t know who the Wren maintainer is: maybe @glennj ?

To make sure everything is in place, I also have a sheet to track progress.

Always a good guess! Traditionally it’s been @ajoshguy but he seems to have disappeared a little recently. I’m sure Glenn would love another track to maintainer though ;)

I’ve requested to be added to the wren github team. @iHiD can you do that since Erik seems to be OOO for a couple of days?

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No idea where the requests go, but I’ve sent you an invite :grin:

Ah, I see that you’re a member now. Thanks all