New mentoring requests email notifications

Hello. Is it possible to have an option of receiving an e-mail each time a mentoring request hits the queue for a specific language? There was a script on Slack, but since we don’t have Slack anymore, the need is back for this.

You might want to checkout #mentor-requests on Discord. It has one thread per track.

This link does not work for me. I’m new to Discord though. Perhaps I don’t have access rights to the room?
Update: I was not in an Exercism, hmmm… server? (domain is, but a button on community page says "Join our Discord server).

You might have to join Exercism’s Discord server first:


Will I get email notifications from Discord? I’m not ok with the idea of another closed-source app on my phone :-/

I can totally understand that. If there were an alternative to Discord I’d be thrilled.

I’m not aware of any other push notification. Perhaps somebody else here knows more.

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This part of the Discord docs might help.

There are also a few OSS projects to mimic the official Discord mobile app (Android and iPhone) as well as ones that mimic the desktop app that you can google for. HOWEVER, they all officially violate Discord’s TOS, so can’t really be recommended.

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