New product for complete beginners?

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I just signed up for Exercism and was watching the welcome video where it was mentioned that Exercism may be hard for complete beginners. (Thats me!) Jeremy (co-founder and ceo) said that ya’ll are working on a new product that is aimed for newbies – is that still in the works? Would I still benefit from utilizing Exercism as it is now? (I’m starting on the Go Track).

Thank you!!!

Hey :slight_smile:

Probably yes. We started work on it, then got pulled back into Exercism. I’m currently trying to decide what to do about it, and whether to focus myself on it from January. The challenge is that we have very little money/resource and try to do a lot with it.

If you work through the Go Syllabus, I’d say yes. I’m actually creating videos for it at the moment (I’ll be recording them over the next two weeks, and then it’ll take a couple more weeks to process them etc). The Go Syllabus is excellent - it will definitely have quite a big learning curve, but if you manage to get through the first couple of exercises, you’ll learn a ton. The key will be to pair it with some more beginner resources I think.

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Thank you! I appreciate the quick response and all the great things you have here!

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