New to Programming. Help with Hello, World!

Hello, I new to the world of programming. Could anyone give me an hint to start with the first exercise of python course?
“Hello, World!” is the traditional first program for beginning programming in a new language or environment.

The objectives are simple:

  • Modify the provided code so that it produces the string “Hello, World!”.
  • Run the test suite and make sure that it succeeds.
  • Submit your solution and check it at the website.

Many thanks.

Hey @Mber :smile:

My name is Jonathan and I’m the Community Manager at Exercism - really nice to have you here, and thanks for reaching out!

In all honesty, Exercism is not suited to people who have no experience with coding. We are going to be building a Learn to Code platform next year which will be much more suited to the level you are at currently but Exercism is tough to get into if starting out (that was also my experience).

I would suggest checking out the following sites as much better starting points for learning to code and then come along back when you have some of the fundamentals in place:

Hope that makes sense and if you need further guidance please don’t hesitate to ask.


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Thank you Jonathan. A friend of mine suggested me this website but actually I just started learning variables and strings and that’s all for now. Thank you for suggesting alternative websites.


Hi Marika!

Yes exercism requires a bit of prior knowledge. Although you can get that at a lot of places. A good start can be to start with visual programming, like scratch, Human Resource Machine or swift playground(if you own a mac or ipad) and then move on to “code” programming like the sources Jonathan mentioned.

These sources may seem a bit “childish” but I think all of those are fun. Swift playground is although the only one of those 3 which has a bit more of the “cody” side but have really nice leassons. It teaches the way of the language swift but knowing the basics in one language makes learing another language a lot easier.

Exercism works in a very “functionial” way. When I saw the “hello world” exercise I thaught the goal was to simply type: "print(“Hello, world!”). The goal is to have a function that returns the value “Hello world”. I am up for teaching the “functional” way when the basics are set.

Now that Scratch and Human Resourche Machine have been mentioned, let me add Code World to that list. There is a thorough Guide at the bottom.