New track for Cairo language

I would like to propose a new track for the Cairo programming language. Cairo is a Rust-inspired language for writing ZK provable programs, without the need for a deep understanding of ZK concepts. As a general purpose programming language, it can be used for any computation that would benefit from being performed on one machine and verified on other machines with lower hardware requirements. Currently, Cairo is most often used to building trustless applications on Starknet.

@misicnenad would like to maintain this track

Cairo Language Website is here:

Are you offering to build the track?

Docs relevant to building a new track can be found here. New Track | Exercism's Docs

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Yes, we are offering to build this track. Mainly, misicnenad's profile on Exercism will build and maintain the track.

Are they on the forum? GitHub? The Exercism Discord server? Usually people volunteer for themselves :wink:

Just wanted to jump in to confirm James’s statement, I’d be happy to build the track.


Thanks! I think the next step is to write a proof of concept Hello World exercise with a test runner. That should all be laid out in the docs.

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@misicnenad Thanks!

An example Hello World in Ruby is:

We like to check a language fits Exercism’s model before we bootstrap the track itself. Could you provide equivelent of those two files for Hello World in ZK please?

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@iHiD below is the link to the repo:

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Great. Thanks! I’ll ask @ErikSchierboom to Bootstrap a track for you. He’s actually off for the next few weeks but if you come on Discord, lots of people can help there. Will @jamesnethermind also be building with you and need permissions, or just you?

Thanks. I’ll be building the track out while we wait on Erik, will be using instructions I found on Exercism’s repo.
I’ll be the only one building the track, James was there to set up the request (thanks @jamesnethermind).

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I’ve just created the repo and added @misicnenad as a team member (you have a GitHub invite).