No online editor for Objective-C "Hello World" exercise

Hi, I started the Objective-C track and saw that there was no online editor for the Hello World exercise. Is this because it is not possible to to add an online editor for this language? If not, could I be guided on how to add an editor for this exercise? Thanks :)

I can’t comment on whether this is possible for Objective-C because I don’t know anything about the language, but in general, to have the online editor, you would need to create a test runner. Here’s an open GitHub issue about adding a test runner for Objective-C. It must run in a Docker container, here’s the documentation about the Docker setup on Exercism, and most importantly the documentation about creating test runners..

It would be great if you were willing to help with building a test runner. Feel free to ping me for help

thank you for the responses! Looking at the scale of this issue, I won’t be able to solve it currently