Nominet as a source of funding?

Have you considered Nominet as a source of funding? They have £50 Million to spend over the next 3 years for “technical” and “social” public benefit. They already fund another online coding school but I think there would be a very strong case for you as well.

I have mentioned Exercism to one one their board members, Simon B. Better if there was a more formal approach though


Thank you for raising this. I haven’t come across this fund, so will do some research and then get back to you.


It’s no obvious on their site how to apply. They have gone through a lot of internal change recently and have improving communications" as their top priority.

Potted history:
They run the UK domain space etc. and were founded as a not for profit to be run for "public benefit. They got some wrong’uns on the board and cut public benefit spending, increased director pay and started making opaque investments, but a couple of years ago their was a revolt by members and board rejigged at an extraordinary general meeting. It’s taken them a while to recover from that drama but new board members are keen to start doing good again.

What I’m trying to say is dont give up if you cant see how to apply for the funds.

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Hey I have had a good rummage around Nominet. Looks interesting.
I have a couple of questions - could we please take this conversation onto email now? I am :smiling_face: