Not able to test the exercises in .NET

Having trouble to test in editor for .Net. (VB and C#)
Even Hello World is responding timeout.

Hey @rlsmota - thanks for your post. If you could give a little more information as to what you’ve tried, what happened etc that would be great :smile:

If you can give some more detail then I’m sure someone can help you out further.

I have some exercises in VB.NET that I cannot submit because the tests are always failing.
Since all of them are giving me errors, and I tested and passed locally in VS, I tried to to test already submitted and passed tests, for example “Hello world”.
So, the scenario is simple. I go to my “Hello World” exercise and press the test button.
The response is always timeout.

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@jonathanmiddleton I can reproduce, as can you I suspect. This does look like an infrastructure problem.


@rlsmota Thanks.
@MatthijsBlom You can reproduce in C# too?

  • C# works (but took seconds)
  • VB still times out
  • F# works (but took many seconds)
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@MatthijsBlom Thank you.
@rlsmota Can you confirm if this is actually happening in C# or just VB pls?

It is working in C#.
Only in VB.

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This should be fixed now!


Aparently it is.


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Is this broken again? With the Jurassic July I was going to do Visual Basic and I’m having this same problem. I go to the Exercism editor for the Hello World exercise and it just times out. Even if I leave the code how it came to see if I’d get an error I don’t it just times out.

It’s not necessarily broken, it’s just slow. I’ll see if I can do anything about that.

Merge dotnet restore and dotnet test commands by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #34 · exercism/vbnet-test-runner · GitHub should at least improve things slightly :crossed_fingers:

Sounds good. I’ll keep trying. Thanks for your help.