Now there's an idea: Windows CMD track

Seeing as I seem to specialise in underdogs, there’s one! Quick, catch it!!

I believe that one can, with some effort and assorted arcana, do in CMD what one can do in bash. There may be (more than) a few edge cases but it could be fun (for a very small number of people for whom such fools-errand things constitute “fun”).

Any takers?

I would aim for PowerShell, if you want some “bash but windows”.

And particularly now that powershell is cross-platform. However, I believe someone or ones are working on that track already.

Development of the PowerShell track is not active :frowning:

I too would prefer PowerShell. It is not as much an underdog though.

If you’re serious about Windows CMD, I will happily co-develop and co-maintain.

I’m currently progressing (after being sidetracked with much, too, much mentoring, and extending a unit testing framework) through the Rexx track exercises and can concurrently assemble Windows CMD versions.

Much as I love the newer technologies, the siren call of retro is too much to resist :wink:

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Doesn’t sound like a “yes” (didn’t really expect one either).

I forked the Powershell repo and might try to implement exercises that aren’t already there. 2006 isn’t exactly retro, but it will do for now.

Happy Euphoria :slight_smile: !


It’s not a “no”, however. I’m just a little too anxious to please and thus find myself spread so thinly that painful tears in the fabric appear. Euphoria is nearing completion. Then I can toss a coin and think REXX|CMD|Powershell.

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No worries :slight_smile: !

Proceeding at a steady pace with Rexx in implementing the required exercises. The process is also highlighting the deficiencies in the unit test framework (it will definitely require another overhaul).

Hope to make Rexx a realistic track option for yourself and others in the not too distant future.

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