Online testing is temporarily broken on the Haskell track (update: fixed now)

Today’s upgrade from GHC 9.0.2 to GHC 9.2.7 caused problems for the whole platform.

As a quick fix, the test runner upgrade was temporarily reverted. Unfortunately, this causes all online Haskell tests to fail with this message:

/mnt/exercism-iteration/test/Tests.hs:7:27: error:
    Module ‘Test.Hspec.Runner’ does not export ‘configFailFast’
7 | import Test.Hspec.Runner (configFailFast, defaultConfig, hspecWith)
  |                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The expectation is that this will be fixed tomorrow, and that online testing will become available again.


I’ve reverted the revert now I’ve increased the HDD space across all machines. It should deploy over the next 10mins. Thanks for letting me know.

That PR was actually just the straw that broke the camels back, rather than a big cause in itself. The main thing is increased usage of Exercism causing the hard-drives to fill up quicker in a day with all the solution files (the machines get reset every night). This just accelerated the issue by a couple of weeks.

Was this increasing load also the cause behind the uptick in errors? I thought I noticed a trend on the forum the past few weeks.