Online tests fails

First logged as Tests fail with no output · Issue #1761 · exercism/rust · GitHub


I have (so far) two of my Rust tests, Luhn and Forth, that both passes all test locally but fails online. In both cases, the output from the test are -

Other exercises works fine.

To troubleshoot, I cloned GitHub - exercism/rust-test-runner and tests runs successfully locally using the rtr docker image build with bin/ (or the record, I ran the tests using ../rust-test-runner/bin/ /workspaces/exercism-rust/rust/forth

(the next observations are created using the luhn exercise, but I do not think it matters)

If I provoke a syntax error in the online editor, the compilation error is shown.
If I provoke a result error in the online editor, it do not get the error returned.
If I switch from regex = { version = "*"} in Cargo.toml, to version 1.10.2 (the latest), the build fails and I get a message. If I use version 1.10.0, “One of the tests timed out” or the “no result” happens.

Not sure what I can do more to troubleshoot the issue.

Thanks for your work in trying to debug this.

Could you post some of the code that you’re running please?

(cc @ErikSchierboom @senekor)

Ah - I see @senekor has already engaged on GitHub :slight_smile:


I seem to be having the same issue when running tests for a Kotlin exercise - Transpose:

This is an issue with our test runner: Error running transpose tests · Issue #61 · exercism/kotlin-test-runner · GitHub