Opinions about a github project for #12in23?

As there is a lot going on for #12in23, how about we bundle the effort and create a GitHub project?

That way we could see all issues in a central place and can easily see what has to be done? Like missing exercises that will be featured in a certain month, approaches that might be missing etc.

I am unfamiliar with GitHub Projects. Could you elaborate a bit on what useful functionality it would provide?

(Or would it be more efficient for me to just read the docs?)

It is basically a well-integrated project management tool. You get a kanban board and can move tasks around and easily see how they progress. I like it because it is very easy to use for organizations that use GitHub as their main version control hub. If you ever used Redmine or Jira, you will easily recognize the similarities.

You could read the docs, or watch a 10-minute youtube video. I think the latter one is pretty good to have a nice overview of how it works.