Out of order practice for mentors? Or even students?

I’ve just volunteered for mentoring in java and Rust. And then I’ve seen the very first thing there is a “Bowling” exercise in the java track that is sitting in the shelf for 3 months.

I work with java for 20 years. So I’ve decided to give the exercise track a try.

And then I’ve discovered that to try the exercise “Bowling” I have to pass through the “Hello World” exercise first. Oh, ok. Here is the “Hello World” exercise. Can I go to bowling now? “Oh, no, you must first solve the ‘Bird Watcher’ exercise”. Oh, man, let me see the “Bird Watcher” exercise. Can I try it?? "Oh, no, you must first solve the “Cars, Assemble”…

Would you allow people to try the exercises out of order if they want?? It really hinders mentoring for people who have learned the language elsewhere.

Hi @abmpicoli :wave:

While we recommend most students use learning mode - which you have seen puts in prerequisites and sets a certain order for a language track - you can always turn ‘learning mode’ off and complete exercises in any order that you would like:

On the track overview page, toward the upper right-hand side, you will find a menu with three horizontal dots. In that drop-down is a disable learning mode selection. That should unlock all the exercises for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope that helps you get to Bowling quicker! Happy coding. :smile: