Pacman exercise

Hello, I am stuck on the part 4 of this exercise, it fails when the arguments are (true, false, false).

def win(has_eaten_all_dots, power_pellet_active, touching_ghost):
playerWon = False
if has_eaten_all_dots == True and power_pellet_active == True an touching_ghost == True:
playerWon = True
playerWon = False
return playerWon

You can use a codeblock to make the code readable ;)

  1. What is the error?​
  2. Do you understand what the test is doing?
  3. Do you understand what the test is expecting and why?
  4. Do you understand what your code returns and how it differs?
  5. Do you understand why your code is returning what it returns?

Thanks, the questions helped a lot . I solved it