Pascal case keywords in Powershell Hello World exercise

Within the Powershell repo, it seems that Pascal casing is used for keywords.

I’ve submitted a PR (that is automatically closed) for the Hello World exercise within this track: Change keyword names to Pascal case for 'Hello World' exercise by aage · Pull Request #281 · exercism/powershell · GitHub
Can someone have a look?

Thank you for bringing this up, meatball has seen and merged it.

@Meatball How strict should we stick with this? I’m quite sure there are many exercise being written earlier by me that used “return” instead of “Return”, most probably use “Function” as it stand. And i saw some older ones that use “throw” instead of “Throw”

Personally I didn’t think it was that much of a problem. Beside cmdlet a lot of the keyword I used in example are lowercase , and i don’t think i’ve ever written an if-else with pascalcase ever. I’m using vscode and the automatic fill in for quickly define a function also use lowercase for “function” and “param” and i mostly roll with it for my example solution.

I do try my best to capitalize them whenever they do appear in the solution stub that learners are reading.
If you think this is worth fixing for the main solution stub, i’ll write a script for mass checking and fixing. Otherwise I did plan to go back and do a massive check for all the possible mistake after we come close to implement all the exercises.

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