[Perl5 / Queen Attack] 'ALL TESTS PAST' without any change to the code

I am trying to solve Perl5 / Queen Attack, but when I run the tests in the Exercism Web Editor, I get ‘ALL TESTS PASSED’ even before I have done any changes to the program (except adding a blank to enable running the tests).

Tests pass even if my module should produce a syntax error…

Is there anything I am doing wrong? In other exercises, tests work as expected!

Thanks for any help!

I don’t know for sure, but I think this issue on github is related. I know people are working on it, but you might also want to add this exercise to their list, so they know to check it as well.

Conversation here as well: Tests in Perl 5 version of Simple Cipher seem broken? - #3 by kareila

Thanks for flagging this up. Here’s a list of the other exercises that currently have the same problem:

  • Simple Cipher
  • Robot Simulator
  • Linked List
  • Simple Linked List
  • Pythagorean Triplet

Hoping that someone will be able to fix these tests soon.