[PHP] A php-reprensenter

I would like to create a representer for PHP.

I did initiate the work in https:/github.com/homersimpsons/php-representer and would happily include it in the exercism organization.

I did read the doc carefully, and I have some more questions:

  • The doc says that there could be multiple files in the solutionDir directory, I see that for instance rust-representer only looks for lib.rs. For PHP should I look for only one file (currently I am looking for soltution.php)
  • About the representation.json, is it just for the version ?

For the record I did open this thread because my issue has been closed: [PHP] A php-reprensenter · Issue #6654 · exercism/exercism · GitHub

Different tracks take different approaches. One could look for just one file, but that would be incorrect if the student submitted more files (which is valid). What you should probably do is to look at all submitted source files, and then ignore and helper and test files (as defined in the .meta/config.json file’s files key). Does that make sense?

Yes, it is.

Thank you @ErikSchierboom for the answer.

Can you just confirm that the .meta/config.json file is expected to be present in the solution folder ?

Even better, I just have to look for the files.solution array to know the files.

Yes, that file will be present.