PHP contributing

I read about Freeing Maintainers (Freeing our maintainers).
There, plus in GH PRs, is some information about asking in advance when people want to contribute.

I’ve already contributed a minor change - typo fixing. And my experience has been very nice so far. (with @neenjaw )

If I wanted to help more or if I have some questions - what’s the preferred way?
Should I always ask if it’s OK to contribute?
Or is it OK to just create a PR, if it’s not a clear fix, maybe with rationale for the PR?

If it’s a small change (typos, etc) and you don’t mind getting auto-closed, I don’t mind how you’ve done it. If it is a bigger change/issue I’d rather discuss here, ping me or any maintainer if I don’t see it and come up with a plan here rather than you opening up a PR with a large code change.

If you become a github member of the org, the bot shouldn’t (I think) auto-close your PRs.

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Okay, thank you :slight_smile:
I have some ideas and some small changes, so I will post here when I have more time.

@joohan What’s your GH username?

@iHiD it’s vnkmpf
at first sight unrelated :smiley:

Added :slight_smile:

Thank you! :)