PHP Versions support?

What are the plans for updating PHP Versions support?

PHP 8.3 have been out for a while, and I would love to have runners running with PHP 8.3, besides that I would suggest updating minimum requirement to PHP 8.1 as PHP 8.0 is EOL since end November 2023.

I would be happy to take on the task of updating the CI in the PHP track and the Runners for the tests, I don’t know if i have access to the repository though.

This is the current plan:

I hope I have all that’s necessary in the correct order. If no-one is quicker than me, I will come to this as soon as I think I have a bigger timeslot for extra work :slight_smile:

I think I can handle most of it, should it give it a spin the next days? I would split it up in multiple smaller PRs though to have them easier merged and reverse in case something is off.

I’m unsure about the test runners, not sure yet in which repository they live.

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That’s why I wrote Coordination: in front of the issue title. There will be many different PRs over a longer period of time.

I also linked to the representer and test-runner repo, where work needs to be done, too.

I initially forgot to add student facing documentation…

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I have create a PR for the PHP Test Runner

I overlooked the links to the repos. Thanks.