Plane Tickets yield expression link not working correctly in the ui

The link yield expression in constructing a generator in the Python Track does not work properly in the UI as it does in the readme file itself. This is expected?

Could you expand on what exactly doesn’t work and what about it doesn’t work? “Doesn’t work” is extremely vague.

That looks like a bug, yeah.

@ErikSchierboom Should these headings have links generated for them? Are we only doing that for docs atm? If so, we should do that here too. Then the link in the doc should be updated to the h-... syntax.

We are. Is there any place where we don’t want to do this? Maybe the CLI?

Yeah, probably not the cli

PR opened: Add heading IDs when rendering markdown to HTML by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #6664 · exercism/website · GitHub