Please add filter / search box for notiifications

Please add a search box for notifications (exercism dot org/notifications). I would like to be able to filter on all of the text in the notification summaries, i.e. student name, track, exercise, but also notification type.

This should probably be a separate issue, but it’s close enough and I don’t want to spam. Regarding at least mentoring notifications, could I ask for more regularity in the formats? I receive notifications with these four formats:

  • %STUDENT has added a new comment on the solution you are mentoring for %EXERCISE in %TRACK
  • Your student, %STUDENT, has submitted a new iteration (#%ITERATION) on their solution to %EXERCISE in %TRACK
  • %STUDENT has finished the discussion on the solution you are mentoring for %TRACK:%EXERCISE
  • Your mentoring session on the solution by %STUDENT to %EXERCISE in %TRACK has timed out

The variations make it harder to search (with browser ^F, or with the proposed search field). They also cause my brain to miss things which it ought to group together, e.g. consecutive lines in my email headers or here in the notifications page, all about the same student on the same exercise.

At a minimum, please change the ‘finished’ statement to use ‘… mentoring for %EXERCISE in %TRACK’, like the other 3.

At a maximum, I would prefer these completely regular notifications:

  • Mentoring: %STUDENT has added a new comment on %EXERCISE in %TRACK
  • Mentoring: %STUDENT has submitted iteration #%ITERATION on %EXERCISE in %TRACK
  • Mentoring: %STUDENT has finished the discussion on %EXERCISE in %TRACK
  • Mentoring: %STUDENT’s session has timed out on %EXERCISE in %TRACK