Please Help With Task 4 of Guido's Gorgeous Lasagna :(

Hi there. I’ve been stuck on Task 4 for 30 minutes and don’t know what I’m doing wrong :(. How should I approach this task differently? Maybe I don’t understand the instructions? This is my code below,

def bake_time_remaining(elapsed_bake_time):
    elapsed_bake_time = EXPECTED_BAKE_TIME - elapsed_bake_time
    return elapsed_bake_time

def preparation_time_in_minutes(number_of_layers): 
    number_of_layers = number_of_layers * PREPARATION_TIME
    return number_of_layers
# this one is task 4 :(
def elapsed_time_in_minutes(number_of_layers, elapsed_bake_time):
    total = EXPECTED_BAKE_TIME - number_of_layers + elapsed_bake_time
    return total

Please help :((

The elapsed time is asking for how much time has already elapsed/passed. The total bake time doesn’t affect how much time has already passed.

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So, does that mean I shouldn’t include the EXPECTED_BAKE_TIME constant?

Thanks for the tip :), but I figured it out. I realized that the lasagna variable had nothing to do with time, so I fixed it.

def elapsed_time_in_minutes(number_of_layers, elapsed_bake_time):
    total = number_of_layers * 2 + elapsed_bake_time
    return total