Please move back the sidebar to right!

I’ve noticed that the sidebar is currently positioned on the left side of the page, creating an abundance of empty space on the left. In terms of user experience, it would be greatly appreciated if the sidebar could be returned to the right side of the page.

When users are accustomed to the left part of the page being the focal point, the current arrangement feels a bit off. As a reader, it’s somewhat distracting and affects the overall readability of the content. To enhance the reading experience, it would be fantastic if the sidebar could be relocated.

I understand that design decisions are made with careful consideration, and I appreciate the effort put into creating an optimal layout. However, I believe that this adjustment would align better with typical user expectations, especially when it comes to blog post layouts.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I’m confident that such a change would contribute positively to the overall usability of the site.

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Hi @MichaelAndish,

Thanks for your suggestion and the empathetic way it was communicated.

The purpose of this page is primarily to communicate the information on that left-hand bar. It’s to let people know what to do and give very clear buttons for that. One of our biggest issues with user experience has been people missing stuff because it’s been on the right-hand side of the page. You’ll see numerous forum/discord/slack/github posts over the years saying “how can I do XYZ” - because they’ve missed the RHS. Since we moved things to the LHS we’ve not had any of these. So I think that clarity is really helping.

The instructions appear in the editor, and are downloaded locally, so this isn’t really intended as the primary reading experience. However, I do understand that many people do use this as a primary reading page and that having the abundance of whitespace is annoying, so our plan is to scroll the LHS down the page to avoid that issue.

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Thanks @iHiD for explanation,
make sense :)
but for me, each time, I delete the sidebar via Inspector to have more focus on reading the content. it solves my issue for now ;)