Please support Scala 3

I’m a Scala beginner, and I’ve been working my way through books which all teach Scala 3, the latest Scala version. But Exercism is still stuck using Scala 2.13, for some reason, so the syntax I’ve learned doesn’t seem to work on Exercism. What’s worse, the old Scala 2 code that Exercism requires is much more verbose, requiring a lot more typing. Can’t we get Scala 3 in Exercism? It’s a superset of Scala 2, if I’m not mistaken, so you can still use both versions of the syntax.

Hey Jonathan,

thank you for your feedback and request.
There is a draft PR working on the migration to Scala 3 but it seems like work has stalled because the person working on it didn’t have the time/capacity to work on it.
Exercism language tracks are maintained by volunteers so sometimes things take a while, but I’m sure work on this will resume eventually. :person_shrugging: :slight_smile:

The Scala track is currently paused for outside contributions (see Freeing our maintainers), but if you feel you could help with this you can let the maintainers know about it.

All the best :)