Potential bug in tests for Paas I/O in Python track


There are these two tests, this one: paasio_test.py and the one above, which look identical except they expect different outcomes.

It looks like a bug to me, but maybe I miss the point somehow? Anybody sees it?

Which of the 444 lines should we look at?

You can mark lines by clicking on the line numbers.

Apologies, thought I’d included it. Here’s both tests I mentioned:

The tests work fine for my code!

The tests may be a bit confusing. Lines 27 and 44 look similar but the exception message changes the MockSock behavior. See here.

Today I learned / was reminded that (of course) Python’s with statements leak variables.

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Ah, that’s right. I could have sworn I tested for that, but clearly not :slight_smile: thanks for pointing it out.

And my tests were not passing because of missing return statement, so all is clear now. Thanks again!