Powers of two in reputation

It would be -Ofun if the reputation changed representation when on a power of two. Starting with a reputation of zero can be disheartening ! But a reputation of 2⁰ is a cool place to start !


PS: -Ofun is a raku saying meaning optimized for fun ! Adapted I think from a compiler flag and apparently attributed to Audrey Tang :smile:


Haha, a nice idea, @iHiD?

Some other fun numbers that can be displayed with some manner of Exercism-related Easter-Egginess

  • 153, an Armstrong number
  • 28, a Perfect number
  • 2766, in hex 0xACE
  • 1666, in Roman MDCLXVI
  • any number with exactly two non-zero digits, as resistor colours
  • any number, spelled out in English (say)
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Add to that

  • primes (Nth Prime, Sieve, Prime Factors)
  • squares that are sums of two squares (Pythagorean Triplet)
  • palindromic numbers (Palindrome Products)
  • Σ { 1 … n }² − Σ { 1 … n² } (Difference of Squares)