PowerShell reached 100 exercises mark!

Hey all,
Recently PowerShell has reached the 100 exercise milestone. Inspired by @Meatball and his updates on the crystal track I also want to give an update of the track.

First of all, I want to thanks everybody who was involved in building and starting the track from the beginning. Without the foundation, I wouldn’t be able to help contribute like I’m doing now.

Back to the track status:

  • Unimplemented exercise: there are still around 30+ exercises left, atm I have around half of them nearly finished and they will be reviewed and pushed to the site from now til the end of the year.
  • Concepts and syllabus : I intend to finish all (or almost all) the available exercise first and then started on these later. These are important topics so I want to take time and care to make sure they will be done correctly, that also mean I would need help and guidance from other more experienced maintainers :pray: . This is entirely for 2024, no detail or date yet.
  • Personal goal: I really want to get all of the exercise to be done this year, however the rest are pretty much difficult exercises in nature so they would take more time to prepare. I’m also 3 months behind in 12in23 so I want to shift my focus on it in December and get the badge :laughing: . I also have a new exercise idea in mind (that hopefully will be accepted) for the near future. And I did promise to help out the gdscript track whenever it is up, so there is that as well.

I want to thank all the staffs and contributors for making and maintaining this awesome website.
I also want to thank all the learners that have chosen this track. (We have around 4.5k atm, since the launch of the track in July.)

And finally some special shout out to:
@ErikSchierboom : for helping me with the PRs review, and introduction to the track in October.
@Meatball : for your many contributions to the track , being patience, and helpful to me since the beginning of my contribution to the track.


Amazing work! Thank you for the update :slight_smile: