PowerShell track status?

So is it just 8 more exercises that are needed before PowerShell can be added to the tracks or are there other things outstanding?

It also needs a test runner, but I imagine that will be straight forward presuming that powershell runs on Linux.

If no one else steps up, I will, but only after I’ve got the Euphoria track renamed and exampled. Hopefully, that’s long enough for someone with considerably better pwsh skills than mine to volunteer.

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I would love a Powershell track and don’t mind help testing it.

I like Powershell, but my knowledge is still very basic and at the moment I don’t think I can help maintain it, but I don’t mind helping with beta-testing exercises and proof-reading.

I am also interested in a Powershell track, and also would be available for testing and proof-reading.

I’m learning PowerShell, and would love to see a PowerShell track on exercism.org. However, since the most I have ever done is write a few very simple bash and PowerShell scripts, I can’t provide exercises. But if you wanted to know if there is interest, I will give a +1 to the effort of those with the talents.

Try writing solutions to tasks. I wasn’t a gun 8th programmer when i started the 8th track (arguably I’m still not.). I wrote code to solve the unit tests. Then i showed it to the experts on their forum, asking for feedback. Then i put the code into the task’s .meta as example.8th.

Do students ever see the .meta code? As far as i can tell, no. So make it work and then in a year’s time revisit, blush at you naivety and revise.

It is not directed to students but yes, some students see the code in .meta. If they are curious and search for it, there is nothing in the open source project that is not available to students.

And “Just Do It” is a great way to get better, as you have demonstrated.

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Looking forward to have the Powershell track available <3

Oh, yeah, i said I’d help out with that didn’t i. Hmm

I was rather hoping that someone with considerably better pwsh skills than mine would step up. Oh well, I’ve forked the repo and will write the remaining 8 unless someone beats me to it. As it is I’m waiting on other things to happen:

  • creation of euphoria-test-runner/
  • creation of snobol4 track
  • creation of seed7 track

So while I wait for them …

I’ll add my name to the list of very basic skills but would happily help test the track out. I’ve enjoy the little bit I’ve done.