PR closed by bot

My PR was auto-closed by the bot.

We are currently in a phase of our journey where we have paused community contributions to allow us to take a breather and redesign our community model.

I’m curious if there’s a plan to resume community contributions.

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The Haskell track’s maintainer is not on this forum.

I haven’t looked at your PR in depth, but you should probably work by the problem specifications rather than individual languages’ tracks.

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I don’t believe my PR has anything specific to do with the problem specifications. It merely improves the quality of the exercise by adding more tests. AFAICT, The specs are the same in both language tracks.

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The problem specification is the central repository for the description and the language-independent tests. So if you want to add new tests (or delete/modify existing ones) that should probably happen in the problem-specifications repository.

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Specifically, the Forth tests are pulled from this file.

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Hi @bruce-wayne - here’s some more info on the current state of community contributions

Check this post out

Please shout if anything doesn’t make sense