PR for fixing saddle points instructions

Hi everyone!

I just sent a PR to fix the instructions in the exercise saddle points. The bot sent me here. I hope I’m in the right place.

Exercises are generally sourced from the GitHub - exercism/problem-specifications: Shared metadata for exercism exercises. repo. This is also the case here, so this patch should be applied there instead.

…Except that this specific problem was already fixed in [saddle points] Fix formatting in example grid by psobolik · Pull Request #2275 · exercism/problem-specifications · GitHub (but thank you for reporting anyway!). When the Go track is re-synchronized with problem-specifications again this rendering will be corrected.

I’m not sure who the Go track’s maintainer are right now.

The last commits were by @andrerfcsantos, @IsaacG, and @sebastian0x62 and @junedev can approve.

I believe the active track maintains are @junedev and @andrerfcsantos

Note, this PR also fixes this issue … along with a bunch of similar issues.

Isaacs PR was merged so the issue should be fixed now.

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