PR for Sieve exercise

@axtens @softmoth Kindly have a look: Create the Sieve of Eratosthenes exercise. by glennj · Pull Request #101 · exercism/8th · GitHub

Talking about test-word names:

current perhaps … … or
test_eq test-num-eq is-eq-num
test_eqs test-str-eq is-eq-str
test_true test-true is-true or is
test_false test-false is-false or isnt
test_null test-null is-null
test_eqa test-arr-of-str-eq is-arr-of-str-eq
test_array_eq_num test-arr-of-num-eq is-arr-of-num
test_eqa2 test-arr-of-arr-of-num-eq is-arr-of-arr-of-num-eq
test_map_eq test-map-num-eq is-map-of-num-eq
test_map_neq test-map-num-neq is-map-of-num-neq

@axtens @softmoth Thoughts? Bruce already merged the PR, so I have to follow up syncing the test-words files. Now’s a good time to do this housekeeping.

I don’t have a firm commitment to a particular naming schema. Whatever is chosen, it needs to be consistent. When I’m doing 8th exercises myself, I’m not as concerned about the test word naming as much as passing the tests. Having said that, the “is-” prefix doesn’t reinforce the fact that these are words defined for testing whereas “test-” does.

I like your “perhaps…” suggestions. We also have flexibility with 8th because words can have almost any characters in them. We could rely on namespaces and punctuation, so something like test-n= instead of test-num-eq. And test-a[a[n]]= instead of test-arr-of-arr-of-num-eq. I don’t know if that’s utilizing a great feature of 8th well, or being way too clever and cryptic for our own good.

Also, I didn’t mention it earlier, but it’s great to have bin/add-exercise!

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OK, I’ll make a PR and we can discuss it from there…

I had a brainstorm: use a namespace.

If test-words introduces a test namespace, then:

current suggest
tests test:begin
end-of-tests test:end
SKIP-REST-OF-TESTS test:skip-remaining
test_eq test:n=
test_eqs test:s=
test_true test:true?
test_false test:false?
test_null test:null?
test_eqa test:a<s>=
test_array_eq_num test:a<n>=
test_eqa2 test:a<a<n>>=
test_map_eq test:m<n>=
test_map_neq test:m<n>!=

I’m wondering if these are too opaque for new usrs…

I created a draft PR for discussion: