Preferred way of including math

Is there a preferred way of including mathematical notation in Dig Deeper and Concept documents and such?

I see a few possible ways, though there might be more:

  • Lean towards pre-symbolic notation, i.e. use words instead. (Easily grows unwieldy.)
  • Use hand-written HTML. (Annoying to write; looks crude.)
  • Include generated MathML in the markdown. (A lot of code; linter might complain.)
  • Include math as images. (Does not play nicely with styling.)
  • Include LaTeX in the markdown, to be converted during Markdown→HTML compilation.

It would be ideal, I guess, if it were possible to use LaTeX.

As of last January, MathML enjoys full support in all popular browsers. It looks like this:

Screenshot; Chrome 113

I use katex in most of my maths projects. It’s developed by Khan Academy, and it supports pretty colors:

I did think of KaTeX, but fear that it is not currently applicable to Exercism copy. Am I mistaken? Its client-side rendering functionalty, I mean – the CLI is probably fine as source of generated HTML/MathML.