Prime Factors in Perl5 track: Cannot edit lib/

I think the Prime Factors exercise on the Perl5 track was updated. But after the update,
whatever changes I do In the Exercism editor on the website, all tests keep failing.

I have checked the updated test script, and it now contains use PrimeFactors qw( factors);, while the module in the editor is

After downloading the exercise using the CLI, I found that there now is a module in the lib directory, but it doesn’t show up in the web editor.

What can I do?
Thanks for your help!

@m-dango Would you mind looking into this?

Hi @muthm,

I believe there should be two ways to resolve this: You can use the CLI to submit lib/, or you can use the dropdown in the top right corner of the web editor and select Revert exercise to start which should provide you with the necessary stub file to work on.

Let me know if either of these help!

I have already tried with the CLI, and this works, even though this creates an iteration which is not what I want at that time. (And deleting the iteration only marks it as deleted, but it is still there.)

“Revert exercise to start” helped, though.
Thank you for that hint!