Problems configuring my CLI

I downloaded the Exercism application and I am having problems configuring the application due to it constantly closing, I can´t even type in the configuring sequence let alone type in anything

I assume you are “clicking” the application and it pops up briefly? If yes, you need to open some kind of terminal to call it directly.

If you are on Windows you can search the “cmd” program, which will give you a command line. Then you navigate to the directory, where you placed the CLI via cd commands and call the executable from the command line program.

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May I ask how to do that (navigating to the directory) I am completely new

Sure, ask away.
Maybe these two websites can help you to get started with the command prompt:

Come back if you have more questions :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, is there anything I could do to help you?

If you want to help me personally on Exercism, I would be happy to see your thoughts on the C++ syllabus. I would totally understand if you don’t want to dive into C++ though :smiley: