Problems with displaying full track tree


I was trying to use my IPad recently for learning and it wasn’t able to open the concepts tree. I tried to use chrome/Firefox/safari and the tree is missing everywhere. I’m using 10.2 IPad

Interesting. Thanks. (cc @dem4ron)

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Thanks for reporting. We’ve merged a fix.

Could you please check if it works for you now?

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Hi. The problem still exists for me, tried both Chrome and Firefox

Thanks for reporting and replying. I could also reproduce the issue on an older iMac, but I don’t have access to an old enough iPad. However, the fix we merged resolved the problem on another older iPad that I had access to and on which I could reproduce the issue.

Next week, I’ll have access to an older iMac, and I’ll try to dig deeper.

The issue generally is that older WebKit engine versions don’t support a couple of JavaScript features that some of the libraries we use rely on, which causes a break.

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