[Profile page] Missing space

I felt a great disturbance in the typesetting, as if matter out of place suddenly cried out in whitespace terror and was suddenly silenced.



@dem4ron :)

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Oh so help my PTSD batman !

As far as I can tell the only benefit of working at ICON is :

  • temporary unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from typographic discombobulation

Before you hate on automatic font substitutions and kerning or CSS letter-spacing, the HTML source be like :

I imagine a PDF cut-and-paste drive-by travesty but do I even want to know ? Get me the ever-loving fruit fly fandango out of here and may the next admin to suffer this post please mark it NSFL.

Hey, will be solved by this PR:

Thanks @dem4ron ! :grinning:

Et voila !

Merci encore à @dem4ron