Program 'exercism.exe' failed to run: The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform

I’m looking to use VSCode for the Python exercises. I followed the Exercism CLI walkthrough and had the CLI installed and tried to input the exercism configure token line into the Powershell terminal. What I got was the error saying the “The term ‘exercism’ is not recognized…”, and decided to change the folder to the Exercism folder from my computer. Right now, it’s saying that they recognise the term ‘exercism’ but the program failed to run. How do I get the whole thing to work?

The error message in the topic suggests you downloaded the wrong binary, intended for another platform.

Which binary did you download? What OS are you using?

Hi, I downloaded the Windows version of the CLI, using the non-manual way. Not sure which binary that is (think it should be the x64).