Programming "Dad Jokes"

Not really a Dad joke, but one of Bram’s signature blocks in 2023:

Q. What happens to programmers when they die?
A: MS-Windows programmers are reinstalled. C++ programmers become undefined,
anyone who refers to them will die as well. Java programmers reincarnate
after being garbage collected, unless they are in permgen, in which case
they become zombies. Zimbu programmers leave a stack trace that tells us
exactly where they died and how they got there.

Bram Moolenaar - creator of Zimbu, Vim Script and Vim


I decided to go back to my ex-girlfriend.

segmentation fault

Explanation: Attempting to access a nonexistent memory address

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This year’s Fibonacci convention is going to be really special.

Apparently it’s as big as the last two put together.


Programmers typically avoid bars. They don’t like tabs.