Prolog Sieve exercise bug

Hi, I was redirected here from github auto-closing this issue: Sieve exercise test broken · Issue #336 · exercism/prolog · GitHub

Essentially I have a solution that runs locally but is not accepted by the test runner. Happy to help out fixing whatever the problem turns out to be.

It seems there are five tests in all. Locally, the first test passes, but you have four A TEST IS PENDING lines in your output. That suggests you might not be running all five tests locally.

The test runner does run all tests whether they’re pending or not. There, you’re passing two tests and failing three.

You are correct, I missed that! Thank you :)

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Note that you can append -- --all to the test command to run all tests regardless of their pending status. Example:

swipl -f <slug>.pl -s <slug>_tests.plt -g run_tests,halt -t \"halt(1)\" -- --all