PureScript "Hello, World!" tests are timing out

I’ve submitted a bug, but it’s timing out after ~ 5 seconds in the web editor. Seems the runner is broken but I am not sure how to debug / help.

I can reproduce this, and it does seem to be specific to PureScript.

Pinging @iHiD and/or @ErikSchierboom.

@damienstanton It might well take until after the weekend before someone looks into this.

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I just tried this and got a more complex result (from CLI submission). It initially passed and let me mark the exercise complete, but changed its mind about 30 s later and altered the result to Failed, with a timeout error.

It’s not just PureScript. I saw a similar problem yesterday with vbnet, and intermittently with various other tracks over the last month.

Don’t you just love intermittent bugs?

I’ve noticed complaints about this behavior in other tracks, too. I experienced it in Swift to the point that I abandoned the track.

Which exercise pls? (and confirm track also pls - purescript?)

Hello World on PureScript

Because the issue is that a submission is validated and passed and then marked as having timed out, it doesn’t seem like the issue is with the validation so much as some other subsequent processing. And because the same solution can be resubmitted successfully later, concentrating on the specific exercise may not be helpful. My experience with Swift was that it happened with more exercises than it didn’t, and that I could always get them through eventually.